Jon Eric Magnus is an award-winning high school teacher and adjunct professor at the University of Washington. He has traveled through twenty-five countries and speaks English, French, Spanish and conversational German. He spent eight years in Europe where he worked as a translator and interpreter for Virgin France and the Observatoire Français des Drogues et des Toxicomanies (French Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addiction). In 2003, Jon received the Heart of the Panther award for excellence in teaching and is recognized as an Educator of Excellence by Washington State University. In 2013, the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center/Fiestas Mexicanas named him “Humanitarian Extraordinaire” for his work in service of others. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies from the University of Washington and a Master of Arts degree in Education from Central Washington University. He currently resides in Cashmere, Washington.

Little Known Facts about Jon

  • Family is the most important thing in the world for him. He thanks God for them daily.
  • He looks at life as an adventure and believes that there is an infinite amount of wisdom to be gained by exploring other countries and cultures.
  • He finds smashing out walls with a sledge hammer highly therapeutic. After buying his grandparent’s house, he remodeled it completely.
  • He used to tease his parents (both teachers) by saying he would NEVER be an educator because we are supposed to learn from other’s mistakes. However, he has always ended up teaching something in every job he has had. He finally quit resisting and now works in a high school teaching French.
  • He knows he is losing it when he has to look up a word in a foreign dictionary to find the word in English.
  • He once ate in a restaurant on the island of Djerba (close to the border between Libya and Tunisia). One of the world’s biggest terrorists (Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi) was dining right across the room from him.
  • He can turn his feet around backwards or put one leg over his head while standing.
  • He has spent over 50 days of his life in an airplane
  • Thanks to the Concorde, the highest he has gone is 56,000 feet in the air. The fastest he has flown is Mach II.
  • He has amazing friends. They come from different countries; have vastly different political ideas; are from different ethnic backgrounds; are from varying socioeconomic circles; have different religious beliefs.