As an experienced educator and passionate presenter, Jon Magnus uses combinations of the following five S.H.I.N.E. Life Lessons in his message:

Seeing Your Own True Potential   

Discovering the importance of introspection and self-comprehension creates a solid foundation for intentional living.  Understanding one’s innate abilities and accepting one’s inevitable challenges make it easier to plan ahead and find clearer direction in life.

Having a Heart for Others

Developing a comprehension of one’s impact upon others and one’s ability to enable them to experience success adds an essential and positive life-enriching element to one’s own life.

Identifying and Meeting Pressing Needs

Potential goals and aspirations will never come to fruition without clear targets and a plan. Knowing where one wants to go and plotting the way to get there are fundamental elements in successfully meeting needs.

Navigating the Course of Change  

No matter what the objective in life, someone or something will come in the way to prevent success in achieving the goal.  A clear understanding of one’s innate abilities and unfettered determination to “make it happen” render obstacles irrelevant.

Expecting Success

At times, life circumstances are completely out one’s control.  However, attitude and a positive approach to life are always the result of choice.

Jon addresses the following topics:

Intentional Living                        Reaching Goals     

Bringing Hope to Life                  Adjusting Attitudes

Overcoming Adversity                 Self-understanding

Jon has spoken to such diverse groups as Children’s Home Society; the Towing and Recovery Association of Washington; the Wenatchee School District Gifted Students; Visionscape; Catholic Youth and Family Services; and the Washington Activity Coordinator’s Association.

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