Making Garden Hoses More Enjoyable

If you’re anything like me you’re fed up with dealing with uncooperative garden hoses. The kink to easy get tied in knots and always leak.

So I decided to fix that problem with good high quality hoses and quick releases on both ends along with a shut off valve.

And now we can easily take the two 50 foot garden hoses and turn them into one 100 foot hose.

And stay till the end where there’s a bonus on how to keep from losing sprayers. I’ve spent too many hours of my life looking for a sprayer to put on the end of the hose.

She Said Yes

Sarah and I are getting married this September. So both our lives will be changing for the better. And because of that my YouTube channel will be changing as well. Between now and the wedding not only do we have to get everything for the wedding ready but I’ll also be slowly moving in to her place so we don’t have to do it all at once. So a lot of my videos are going to be about organizing moving and stuff like that.

After we’re married we’ll have an opportunity to do more videos about cooking with storable food. This is something that’s really missing in the prepper community. There are tons of videos about how to store food in various ways but very little on how to make that food taste good when its time to eat it. Nobody wants to eat bland rice and chicken or plain oatmeal for the 47th day in a row.

We are also planning on buying a farm. In one of my first videos I talked about my dream of running a small scale farm concentrating on highly productive farming both animals and plants. So over the course of the winter me and Sarah will be fixing up her house in order to sell it. We will be making some videos about what we’re doing there too.

We will start talking to you about doing some farming activities at her place in the meanwhile. Maybe raising Quail or something like that.

I sincerely hope that us working towards our goals inspires you to start working on making your life the way it was meant to be and making the world a better place because of it.

Learning Skills And Building Community

In this week’s video I talk about developing skills and building community while I’m working on my truck. In the past people were both more self reliant and more reliant on those around them. I know that sounds like a contradiction. The people were more capable of doing things on their own like fixing their car or planting a garden. And they helped their neighbors and friends instead of just paying a guy. The Amish still do stuff like this with barn raisings and stuff like that.

Now I’m not saying we should do this because I think the world’s going to end. And advocating it because it’s a better way of life. That’s how the church in Acts was structured and watch it season of Little House on the Prairie. Even though they have problems he always knew their friends family and church would be there and help it out like they were to help those people out.

Having the skills to do things on your own like gardening or fixing your car makes your life better. With gardening you get better quality food for less money and you can enjoy the outdoors and get some vitamin D and exercise while you’re at it. Being able to fix your own car you can save a lot of money on repairs. With what I was working on in this video I probably saved money equivalent to the cost of the vehicle.

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Raised Bed Gardens The Easy Way

In this week’s video I will show you the first part of building low-cost and easy raised bed gardens. I live at my late wife’s Aunt’s property. She has a hard time bending over to do gardening at ground level. So I decided to put in this raised bed garden for her.

I started with some cheap plywood boxes I got from a factory down the street from where I work. Then I drilled some large one inch holes in the bottom of them. Not only for drainage but also to allow soil life between the garden beds and the already existing soil. After that Sarah and I went to the city yard waste facility and picked up a bunch of composable stuff to throw in there.

The next steps are to throw some garden soil on the top to plant into since you can’t plant into the stuff that’s being composted. Then wrapping the whole thing in waterproof house wrap. And then put landscaping timbers around the outside. The moisture barrier and the Landscaping Timbers don’t have to be done right away. This gets us started using the raised beds now and they’ll continue to improve themselves through mulch and the composting stuff that’s already in there. But that plywood is cheap and flimsy and will rot out pretty quickly so it’ll have to be surrounded by Landscaping Timbers before too long. And the house wrap will protect the Landscaping Timbers from the moisture and help them last longer.

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Yes I Cook at Work

Yes I cook in the break room. It makes my life easier. You can use the same strategy to automate some of your own cooking at home. In these videos I make my lunch for work and can 5 more meals to eat later. And it only took about 30 minutes. It’s also a good way to save money. Not only can you make good food pretty cheap, but it’s so easy you won’t have to eat out as much if you’re busy. The final advantage this gives you is the ability to store some already cooked food for the future. This can be used if you don’t feel like cooking, you’re too sick to make anything for your family, or you can use them if you are snowed in or lose your job and can’t afford food.

Canning safety video:

Your Right And I’m Working On It

A lot of people have asked me about having herbs and seasonings to go with stored food. So this week I show you what Sarah and I are doing to make sure we won’t be stuck eating bland foods. And I show the lazy susans that she made so she can cook more easily without having to look for anything.

Our next step is to make some herb gardens around the house. The will look nice, attract pollinators and provide food.

Mechanic’s tool bag for homeowners

And this week’s video I discuss a basic mechanic’s tool kit for homeowners. It provides every tool you need to do most maintenance on vehicles and other mechanical devices. Like lawn mowers or generators. I decided to put this bag together as part of my attempts to become more organized. Now I can have all my tools where they’re easy to find and easy to move to where I’m working.

Fighting Food Inflation

My girlfriend, Sarah, and I have been putting dried food like beans, rice and noodles into long term storage. This lets us have food in an emergency if we lose our jobs or if the price of food goes up. Best case scenario we can eat it after we retire. With the way food prices have increased in the past this is a pretty safe investment. And, unlike stocks and bonds, you can eat it in a crisis.

In this video I talk about our strategy for canning food to go with the long term stuff to make it more palatable and to make easy meals now instead of just getting fast food all the time when we are in a hurry.

My late wife and I did something similar. I am very thankful that we did because having canned food available let me spend more time with her before she passed with out having to look for work.