This Is Getting Out Of Control

Sarah and I are planning on fixing up the house so we can sell it and buy a farm. So in order to do those things around the house I need to be able to find my tools. I also need to be able to easily carry them to make my part time job easier and start a handyman business.

Sarah and I are planning on fixing up the house so we can sell it and buy a farm. So in order to do those things around the house I need to be able to find my tools. I also need to be able to easily carry them to make my part time job easier and start a handyman business.

This is all part of our attempt to get more organized and have a better life. We are slowly sorting and organizing everything we own in order to make our life less chaotic. Bringing order to chaos is what followers of Christ are supposed to do. In a very much smaller way similar to how God brought order out of the chaos. As images of God we should try to show others God through all parts of our lives.

Planing For The Future

Sarah and I want to sell the house within the next year or two to buy a farm so we need to fix up the house and yard. We decided to walk around the yard and discuss all the things that we want to do.

All our plans are designed to make our lives better until we sell, and if for some reason we can’t move, the house will help provide for our family instead of just being a place we spend money on. We also have planned everything so that any potential future buyer will be more attracted to the house.

What We Can Learn From The Life of Smedley Butler

Every month I’m doing a video about a historic figure that we can all learn from. These videos are just to teach us the basic history of these people so that we can all go out and learn more from them. Not just learn to imitate what they did right, but also learn the lessons of what they did wrong. This month I’m discussing US Marine Major General Smedley Butler.

Smedley Butler was an ordinary man that achieved a lot through hard work and dedication. He had many acts of heroism that can inspire all of us. But early on in his career as a Marine alcoholism caused him some issues. He saw how other Marines had problems with alcohol as well. He decided that he was not going to drink anymore and that others should not drink as well. His decision not to drink was a great decision for himself. His desire for others not to be allowed to drink caused a lot of problems and suffering for other people once he learned to play politics and was a police officer in charge of other police later in life.

He also noticed throughout his career as a Marine that most of the wars the United States was involved in made U.S. businessmen very rich. He spent much of his later life speaking out against this. He hated how young men who joined the military to protect their country, friends and family ended up being used and died in order to make certain people even more rich. And as far as I know he never used the word but he spent a lot of time speaking out against the fascism in the U.S. government. And that is why very few people know of him, even though other people of his time that had the same accolades he did are better known. When World War II started he was the highest decorated U.S. Marine and not a single military base or ship was named after him because he spoke out against war and unnecessary death so that a select few could game wealth or power.

I hope you take the time to learn more about Smedley Butler so you can live a better life through emulating his successes and avoiding his mistakes.

We Need To Get Serious About Preparedness

Most people when they start getting more prepared buy a bunch of “cool guy” stuff. And I am no exception.

You are a lot more likely to need to drink water or eat today than you are likely to get into a gun fight. Even professional soldiers don’t get in a fight every day. And the days they do get into fights they still need to eat and drink.

With that being said, we all need to prioritize our time and money on stuff that we are more likely to need.

Soon I will be making videos on how to start preparing. As we go through these videos I will discuss what Sarah and I have done and what we still need to do.

This is a link to the levels of preparedness page on my website that I mentioned. It’s what Sarah and I are using to organize our priorities. And remember, it’s still a work in progress.

Levels of Preparedness

We Are Testing Ourselves

In order to find any things we have missed I made a list of 24 scenarios that could cause an emergency. Some are simple like a flat tire or an appliance breaking. Some are a little worse but still pretty common like a broken water pipe or a job lost. Still others are unlikely but have a big impact like a break in or flood. We are using a random number and date generator in order to surprise us with these:

1)Kitchen fire
2)Fire at night
3)Taking a family member to the emergency room
4)Flat tire
5)Power outage
6)Job loss
7)House break in when not home
8)House break in when home
9)Attempted kidnapping in public
10)Car breakdown
11)First aid  Injury
12)Severe injury
13)Medical emergencies (like a diabetic
problem or heart attack)
14)No heat in winter
15)Major appliance breaking (furnace, water heater, stove)
16)Long term injury
17)Food storage
18)Pandemic lockdown
19)House unlivable (fire, tornado, flood)
20)15 minutes Evacuation (flood, chemical spill)
21)No AC in summer
22)Water outage
23)Attempted  Assault in public
24)Broken water pipe

We will discuss them as a family and see what we are doing right and what we need to work on.

The first one was a break in when we are home. We are doing a good job in a few areas but need to work on a bunch of stuff. We made a list and will start working on them based on priority and what we can afford.

Home alarm
Outside motion detector security lights
Locks on bedroom doors
Motion detector light in side
Pepper spray in strategic areas

Whe are not doing this out of fear. That’s why we be doing this over time.

And like always “We His servants will start rebuilding”

Goldenrod Harvesting and Train Up a Child

Me and Thomas Harvested some golden rod in order to make medicine, soap and cleaners.

We show how to harvest, process and dry it for storage. This isn’t something I have done a lot of so I’m still learning. But what’s more important is that Thomas is also learning. Not just how take care of the herbs but that he can take care of himself and his future family. That way he isn’t completely reliant on others.

What We Can Learn From The Life Of Nehemiah

I want to start talking about one person from history every month. I want to learn from what they did right and what they did wrong.

I’m starting with Nehemiah. I got my new tag line from the book of Nehemiah so I thought it was a good place to start.

This first one is not the best but I’m sure I will get better. I keep calling him Jeremiah instead of Nehemiah. Lol

His story isn’t very long but there is a ton we can learn from him in every verse. I just hit the highlights. I hope you take the time to read the whole book.

The Time To Start Rebuilding Is Now

My tag line is too long and I can’t always remember it. It does a good job of explaining what my website and YouTube channel are about but I think I can do better.

Since my website and YouTube channel are for Christians that are trying to use God’s gifts to make a better life for themselves and others I start every video with a reference to Jeremiah’s letter to the exiles.

I was listening to the Bible and got to the book of Nehemiah. In that story Nehemiah lead the people to start rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem so they could protect themselves and the temple. He lead everyone to build the section of the wall closest to their house. That way everybody was responsible for taking care of what was closest to them. When they started to get threatened by attack they started working on the wall harder while also carrying swords to defend themselves. This is something we should do. We need to build walls to protect ourselves and our families and God’s kingdom. Not physical walls like Nehemiah built but metaphorical walls around our hearts and around those we care about. And we need to arm ourselves. Not with guns and bullets but with the sword of the Lord by knowing what is in The Bible.

I think this is the perfect metaphor to get my tag line out of. It summarizes everything the channel is about and a shorter easier to remember sentence; “We his Servants will start rebuilding.”

We Are Making Some Changes

We have been married for about a month now. Because we are a team we have been discussing what we should do with the channel and website.

We are going to keep doing the vlog style videos every week but we want to add stuff to help people better.

The first one is monthly videos about biblical and historical heroes. Both the bad they did and the good. But mostly importantly what we can learn from them.

We will be doing videos that will take you through preparedness in a logical manner. Preparing for what’s most likely to happen first. That way you can learn from my mistakes and we all can become more prepared.

We have also noticed that there are a lot of videos on YouTube on how to store food and a lot of cooking videos but not a lot of videos about how to cook from stored food. So probably twice monthly Sarah is going to do a video on how to cook simple low cost meals from store food. And it will be tasty not just what you think of when you hear survival food. Stuff that you can make part of your normal diet.

I’m also changing my tag line to make it shorter and easier to remember and still have the same meaning. I will have a whole video about that soon. It is from the book of Nehemiah; “We His servants will start rebuilding.”

We Have A Problem (With A Bonus Rant)

So the other day the technician came to do the spring inspection of our air conditioner. Well we now have two problems. First there are mouse nests in the air conditioner. We need to get rid of them. If we use normal traps we will forget to check them and if we use poison there is a small chance we will kill a neighborhood cat or owl. So we came up with a unique way of solving the problem. The second problem is that the inspection was about 3 months late. That’s not done by malice or ignorance on the part of the company. They just can’t find anyone to work. And that is a problem for us all with a simple solution nobody talks about.