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Family Preparedness

List all possible emergences

Flat tire

Job loss

Sick family member

Family member in the hospital

Winter storm


Comical spill

Winter storm


Which ones you are most likely to encounter

Probability vs impact

Make a plan

Stay at family/friend


Have the number for hotels


Power of attorney

Living will

Final wishes

Deep pantry

Copy canning

Food journal

Buy small amounts of extra food over time (look for Sales)

Learn to cook different things

Basic kit (not for end of the world)

Clothing (3 days; not three outfits)

Towel and washcloth
Personal Kit (saving, deodorant, toothpaste etc in ziplocks)
Toilet Paper – in ziplocks
Headlamp (maybe)
Spare batteries for each item
Duct Tape
Zip Ties (reusable are awesome)

Cordage – bank line, paracord, rope
Beef Jerky
Canned Meats etc.  – pull tab is best
Crackers – packed so they won’t crush
Peanut butter
Granola Bars – The kind that don’t melt
Canned fruit

Water bottle (single wall metal or with a metal cup)
2-4 Contractor Grade Garbage Bags
2-4 Large Ziplock Bags – at least one gallon
Insect Repellent
Car charger
Wall charger
USB Cable for your phone/devices
Power pack
Two bic lightersCotton balls coated in Vaseline or wax
Address Book – in zip lock bag
Cheap Transistor radio, with extra batteries – In zlb
Any and all important data on USB drive
Put Open Office on the USB Drive (mac and PC)
2 Small NoteBooks and Pens and Pinnacle
Set of earbuds or earbuds with mic for phone
Basic First Aid Kit
Two clean handkerchiefs
Carry as much water as you can but keep a lot in your car/truck/work area