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Levels of Preparedness


I made a list to be a guide for myself and others on how to prepare for the future and a more systematic method. It’s not a strict list of rules.  This list was intended for my preparedness/mutual assistance group.  But you can use it for individual preparedness as well. 

The levels are something that I just made up. They don’t necessarily mean anything, like the points on Who’s Line Is It Anyways. They’re just there to be a guideline on a reasonable order to do things in.  Many of us, myself included, want to do the cool things of buying guns and ammunition before making sure we have enough food available and food preservation techniques in place 1st. So the levels help us organize those things in a more rational method. But that doesn’t mean that just because you’re on level 2 you can’t work on stuff from level 4 as well. Feel free to skip around as you see fit.  But keep in mind that you need to take care of the most likely priorities 1st. 

And like I said earlier this is designed for my preparedness and mutual assistance group.  My group has several families in it. So some of the stuff should be for every individual, like storing food and developing skills. Other things can just be one person in the family, like owning an AR and storing ammunition, not to say that the whole family can’t do that as well. Use this as a guide to help your family make our own list. 

Most prepping groups require people to meet certain requirements before they can join, like having a year’s worth of food.  Personally I would rather have good people that are working towards being more prepared.  I created this list so that we can hold ourselves and each other accountable to becoming more prepared and not slowly becoming just a social club.

Level 1

Come to 10 meetings

Come to 4 out of every 5 meetings

Simple EDC

     Flashlight (18650 and usbc)


Develop a healthy diet 

Develop a exercise plan

Develop a Budget plan

Start to develop skills that interest you 

      I need to fill this out 1. 

Level 2

Level 1 for a year 

EDC bag

      Extra battery

      Phone charger

      1st aid kit


      Water bottle and filter

Basic emergency bag

      I need to fill this out

Start eating a healthy diet 

Start exercises

Start using Budget 

Learn gun safety

Food storage plan 

Water storage plan

Start Gardening

Backup power plan 

Backup heating plan 

Backup cooking plan

Start teaching others skills 

Life insurance/power of attorney/ final wishes 

Documentation package

        I need to work on this

Read 5 books

Level 3

Level 2 for a year 

Car kit

     I need to fill this out

Full BOB (Bug Out Bag)

    I need to fill this out 

Maintain diet

maintain exercise

maintain budget

learn pistol marksmanship

Learn pistol maintenance

Develop a bug out plan

      I need to fill this out

Store 30 days of food 

30 days of extra medication

50% of water plan

Have a $1000 emergency fund 

Expand garden

Start composing 

Start backup power 

Start Backup heating 

Start Backup cooking plan

Be in charge of one of your skill areas

Berkey water filter

2 way radios

Read 10 books 

 Level 4

Level 3 for 6 months 


     I need to work on this 

Get a pistol 

     Glock 17 mag compatible 



Learn rifle marksmanship

Learn rifle maintenance

Store 60 days of food

100% water plan

30 day emergency fund

50% of power plan

50% of heating plan

50% of cooking plan

Be in charge of multiple skill areas 

Buy local meat from a farm

Area study

        I need to work on this 

Starting plants from seeds

25 books 

Level 5

Department bag

     I need to work on this 

Get rifle

     AR 15 in 5.56



     3 magazines

Store 90 days of food 

90 days emergency fund

75% of power plan 

75% of heating plan 

75 % of cooking plan

Start meat production 

Seed saving

Read 50 books

Level 6

Stocked Rv

300 rounds of 9mm

500 round of 5.56

Belt or chest rig

Self defense (Marshall arts)

Store 180 days of food 

100% of power plan 

100% of heating plan 

100% of cooking plan 

Get out of unnecessary debt

Store food for livestock 

Read 100 books

Level 7

Bug out location

500 rounds of 9mm

1000 rounds of 5.56

Produce livestock food.

Read 200 books