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Moving Into The Future

Last weekend we moved pretty much my entire shed to Sarah’s house. The plan is to get slowly moved in a little at a time before the wedding in September.

Moving the shed and the stuff in it was a big step because that lets us organize other stuff as we move and organize stuff that is in her house.

We both believe that is important to have the supplies we need in case of emergency. But those supplies are pretty useless unless they’re organized well enough that we can get to them when we need them. So that’s why we’re going to spend so much effort on organizing as I move in.

Also she has a pretty small house by modern standards. With no basement and no garage. So her sons will be really happy when they don’t have to store family stuff in their closets anymore.

Remember that life’s a a journey and you’re either moving towards your goals or away from them. So I hope this helps inspire you some, and thank you for joining me on the journey to use God’s gifts to grow His kingdom, prepare for the future and live a better life.

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