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Introduction To Canning Fermenting And Dehydrating Part 1

Recently I taught a class on food preservation for the preparedness group I’m part of.  The class was too long so I’ve broken it up into 3 videos and this is the 1st one of them.

Sarah and I use these methods of food preparation not only to store food but also to do food prep with. When most people start doing food prep they only plan for a few days to a week.   On the weekend they will cook a bunch of of food that they can they can use over the next week or so.   But our strategy not only makes it easier to cook, it’s a part of our food storage strategy.  That way we’re not storing things we’ll never eat only to have them expire or eating things that we’re not storing so if we need to rely on our stores we don’t have the foods we eat. This will also be comforting to the kids because they’ll be used to the food. On top of all that it will also make it easier for us to keep an eye on the inventory because we’re getting in there and using it all the time.

So far is it making our lives easier and helping us to prepare for the future all while also saving money and time.  We still need to practice at it and get better. That’s part of the journey of life. 

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