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We Are Testing Ourselves

In order to find any things we have missed I made a list of 24 scenarios that could cause an emergency. Some are simple like a flat tire or an appliance breaking. Some are a little worse but still pretty common like a broken water pipe or a job lost. Still others are unlikely but have a big impact like a break in or flood. We are using a random number and date generator in order to surprise us with these:

1)Kitchen fire
2)Fire at night
3)Taking a family member to the emergency room
4)Flat tire
5)Power outage
6)Job loss
7)House break in when not home
8)House break in when home
9)Attempted kidnapping in public
10)Car breakdown
11)First aid  Injury
12)Severe injury
13)Medical emergencies (like a diabetic
problem or heart attack)
14)No heat in winter
15)Major appliance breaking (furnace, water heater, stove)
16)Long term injury
17)Food storage
18)Pandemic lockdown
19)House unlivable (fire, tornado, flood)
20)15 minutes Evacuation (flood, chemical spill)
21)No AC in summer
22)Water outage
23)Attempted  Assault in public
24)Broken water pipe

We will discuss them as a family and see what we are doing right and what we need to work on.

The first one was a break in when we are home. We are doing a good job in a few areas but need to work on a bunch of stuff. We made a list and will start working on them based on priority and what we can afford.

Home alarm
Outside motion detector security lights
Locks on bedroom doors
Motion detector light in side
Pepper spray in strategic areas

Whe are not doing this out of fear. That’s why we be doing this over time.

And like always “We His servants will start rebuilding”

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