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Everyone Needs A First Aid Kit

I recently saw a post on Facebook asking for recommendations on every day carry first aid kits so I decided to do a video about the small first aid kit I keep in my every day carry bag and about the Bear FAK from Refuge Medical.

They are both made to treat severe injuries not boo boos. I will make another video about the home fist aid kit designed to treat smaller wounds and prevent infections.

If you are going to start caring a FAK or keep on in the car where space may be a premium you want to make the kit as compact as possible. This means these types of kits usually only have what you need to keep you or someone else alive. You can worry about infection later in these kinds of emergencies.

With that being said I have a little bit of room in mine for some band aids and butterfly bandages because with my life style I get minor cut and scrapes all the time.

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