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5 Minute Emergency Shelter

This week I wanted to show how to build a hasty ridgeline that is used to make tarp shelters when camping or in emergency situations. It really important that you do the prep work before hand and practice. That way when you are cold, wet and tired you can make a shelter when it counts. After I made the video I put the shelter back up to time my self and it took about 4 minutes. If I got caught in a sudden freezing storm being able to put up shelter quickly to stay dry may save my life.

In the near future I plan on making a video showing a few other ways of making an emergency shelter using the same ridgeline and 4 stakes.

I hope that this inspires you to make you own setup and get outside and practice with it.

The bank line I use

The nice 10×10 tarp I have been using for years

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