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Go To The Ant And Be Wise

A lot of “experts” are predicting some sort of recession or worse. I don’t trust their assessments, or I don’t trust them.

Either way, we should be prepared for it. But those preparations should also help us if everything goes well.

Selling stuff you don’t need will give you a little extra money, but more importantly, it will change your mindset. It will declutter our houses and give us less stress.

Getting out of debt means we aren’t wasting money on interest payments and have more money to spend where it is more important. Also it will decrease our stress.

Learn to cook better. You will spend less money but you will have a better family life. And with your new cooking skills you will be able to make use of any food you can store. And if you learn to store food it’ll make it even more convenient to cook at home. You’ll also have it in case you need that food later. And as food prices continue to increase no matter what happens you’ll be able to eat on today’s prices in the future – maybe even when you’re retired.

Having a side hustle will give you more money now while also allowing you to explore different hobbies. There’s plenty of resources out there to get ideas of different side hustles. If you decided to pursue something that requires a business license where you live do what you can while you wait for that license.

We all need to grow and raise our own food. That will make it so we have better quality food than is normally available to us while saving us money.

And most importantly, grow your communities. In the past this was the best thing that got people through hard times. And most people’s biggest complaints they have now is that they feel depressed, lowly and defeated. Well, if you have a better community and spend time with more people you care about it will help with that too.

Go to the ant, you sluggard; observe her ways and be wise!

It has no commander,

overseer, or ruler, yet it would prepare[d] its food in the summer;

it gathered at the harvest what it will eat.

Proverbs 6:6-8

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