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I’m Experimenting On Myself

Recently I heard about two things I want to add to my life. The 1st of these is a thankfulness journal. The 2nd is a 90 day self review. If we’re going to make a thankfulness journal the 1st thing we need to do is identify who we’re thankful to. All good things ultimately come from God, so instead of calling it a thankfulness journal I’m going to call a blessings journal. The scientist that did the study that I heard concluded that if you write down what you’re blessed with for 40 days that you will be happier, less stressed, and more able to deal with adversity. But that study was not done over a very long period of time. I plan on doing this indefinitely. I encourage you to do the same. That way we can see together how well this works over the long term. The 2nd experiment I’m trying on myself I got from Bear Independent on YouTube. Every 90 days he does a self review. I’m going to start doing that as well based on what he did. Here is the link to that. I’ve changed the way he’s doing it in order to fit what I need. I encourage you to make whatever changes you need as well. I’ve written it down into a 6 step process.

Step 1: Write down everything that’s bothering me on one line.

Step 2: 3-5 lines about what I’m going to do to fix those problems.

Step 3: add skills, gifts and delights plus skills I will need for step 2

Step 4: Prioritize stuff from step 2

1: Things I can fix now

2: Things I need to plan for ( research and learn new skills)

3: Things I need help with

4: Things that can wait

5: Things that are no big deal ( Cross those out)

Step 5: list my skills, gifts and delights

Step 6: who do I want to be and who does God want me to be

We also need to start building a community that will help hold ourselves accountable. This will make use 76% more likely to meet our goals. And we can return the favor for them.

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