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It’s Not That Bad

I have a problem but I’m ok with it. I currently have 207 subscribers. I could have more if I start doing videos that are spreading fear or doing crazy Bible theories. But I won’t. I would rather do videos that help you and make your life better. And help you follow what God wants for you. I could do videos about “7 THINGS YOUR BOB NEEDS NOW!” or “DO THIS NOW OR YOU WILL DIE!” And if I did my channel would grow faster. But I would rather help you. If that makes my channel grow more slowly that’s fine. The Bible says that if you lead people astray there will be consequences. I could also do some of these weird Bible videos about some out there stuff or new age foolery. But it would be wrong to do that. My reward would be more success on YouTube but I would rather help people and receive my treasures in heaven. I make Bible study videos about what is important to me and what I have learned. And I do my best to try to help you with them.

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