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Only One Bad Minute On The Homestead

Sarah and I our working hard on creating our homestead and a better life. Part of that is selling quail eggs. And we want the quail who give us those eggs to have the best life possible. Unfortunately, 2 of our roosters are too aggressive with the ladies and were fighting with each other.

We put them in isolation for about a week. When we tried to reintroduce them one at a time their attitude had not changed. So, for the best of the flock and the best for them, we had to give them the Marie Antoinette treatment.

We try to do this as fast and humanely as possible. We only want the animals to have one bad second. The rest of their life we want to be as good as possible.

This is an unfortunate reality of eating meat. We are slowly moving towards producing as much of the meat we eat as possible and taking responsibility for the health and well being of the animals that provide it. And what we can’t produce ourselves we are looking for local sources that raise the animals with the same values we have.

Video of the guy buching quail

The scissors that I used

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