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She Said Yes

Sarah and I are getting married this September. So both our lives will be changing for the better. And because of that my YouTube channel will be changing as well. Between now and the wedding not only do we have to get everything for the wedding ready but I’ll also be slowly moving in to her place so we don’t have to do it all at once. So a lot of my videos are going to be about organizing moving and stuff like that.

After we’re married we’ll have an opportunity to do more videos about cooking with storable food. This is something that’s really missing in the prepper community. There are tons of videos about how to store food in various ways but very little on how to make that food taste good when its time to eat it. Nobody wants to eat bland rice and chicken or plain oatmeal for the 47th day in a row.

We are also planning on buying a farm. In one of my first videos I talked about my dream of running a small scale farm concentrating on highly productive farming both animals and plants. So over the course of the winter me and Sarah will be fixing up her house in order to sell it. We will be making some videos about what we’re doing there too.

We will start talking to you about doing some farming activities at her place in the meanwhile. Maybe raising Quail or something like that.

I sincerely hope that us working towards our goals inspires you to start working on making your life the way it was meant to be and making the world a better place because of it.

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  1. Jon

    Hollis abs Nancy’s homestead have great videos about building a real homestead from the ground up! Even quail and rabbits…

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