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Learning Skills And Building Community

In this week’s video I talk about developing skills and building community while I’m working on my truck. In the past people were both more self reliant and more reliant on those around them. I know that sounds like a contradiction. The people were more capable of doing things on their own like fixing their car or planting a garden. And they helped their neighbors and friends instead of just paying a guy. The Amish still do stuff like this with barn raisings and stuff like that.

Now I’m not saying we should do this because I think the world’s going to end. And advocating it because it’s a better way of life. That’s how the church in Acts was structured and watch it season of Little House on the Prairie. Even though they have problems he always knew their friends family and church would be there and help it out like they were to help those people out.

Having the skills to do things on your own like gardening or fixing your car makes your life better. With gardening you get better quality food for less money and you can enjoy the outdoors and get some vitamin D and exercise while you’re at it. Being able to fix your own car you can save a lot of money on repairs. With what I was working on in this video I probably saved money equivalent to the cost of the vehicle.

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