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Raised Bed Gardens The Easy Way

In this week’s video I will show you the first part of building low-cost and easy raised bed gardens. I live at my late wife’s Aunt’s property. She has a hard time bending over to do gardening at ground level. So I decided to put in this raised bed garden for her.

I started with some cheap plywood boxes I got from a factory down the street from where I work. Then I drilled some large one inch holes in the bottom of them. Not only for drainage but also to allow soil life between the garden beds and the already existing soil. After that Sarah and I went to the city yard waste facility and picked up a bunch of composable stuff to throw in there.

The next steps are to throw some garden soil on the top to plant into since you can’t plant into the stuff that’s being composted. Then wrapping the whole thing in waterproof house wrap. And then put landscaping timbers around the outside. The moisture barrier and the Landscaping Timbers don’t have to be done right away. This gets us started using the raised beds now and they’ll continue to improve themselves through mulch and the composting stuff that’s already in there. But that plywood is cheap and flimsy and will rot out pretty quickly so it’ll have to be surrounded by Landscaping Timbers before too long. And the house wrap will protect the Landscaping Timbers from the moisture and help them last longer.

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