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We Are Making Some Changes

We have been married for about a month now. Because we are a team we have been discussing what we should do with the channel and website.

We are going to keep doing the vlog style videos every week but we want to add stuff to help people better.

The first one is monthly videos about biblical and historical heroes. Both the bad they did and the good. But mostly importantly what we can learn from them.

We will be doing videos that will take you through preparedness in a logical manner. Preparing for what’s most likely to happen first. That way you can learn from my mistakes and we all can become more prepared.

We have also noticed that there are a lot of videos on YouTube on how to store food and a lot of cooking videos but not a lot of videos about how to cook from stored food. So probably twice monthly Sarah is going to do a video on how to cook simple low cost meals from store food. And it will be tasty not just what you think of when you hear survival food. Stuff that you can make part of your normal diet.

I’m also changing my tag line to make it shorter and easier to remember and still have the same meaning. I will have a whole video about that soon. It is from the book of Nehemiah; “We His servants will start rebuilding.”

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