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The Time To Start Rebuilding Is Now

My tag line is too long and I can’t always remember it. It does a good job of explaining what my website and YouTube channel are about but I think I can do better.

Since my website and YouTube channel are for Christians that are trying to use God’s gifts to make a better life for themselves and others I start every video with a reference to Jeremiah’s letter to the exiles.

I was listening to the Bible and got to the book of Nehemiah. In that story Nehemiah lead the people to start rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem so they could protect themselves and the temple. He lead everyone to build the section of the wall closest to their house. That way everybody was responsible for taking care of what was closest to them. When they started to get threatened by attack they started working on the wall harder while also carrying swords to defend themselves. This is something we should do. We need to build walls to protect ourselves and our families and God’s kingdom. Not physical walls like Nehemiah built but metaphorical walls around our hearts and around those we care about. And we need to arm ourselves. Not with guns and bullets but with the sword of the Lord by knowing what is in The Bible.

I think this is the perfect metaphor to get my tag line out of. It summarizes everything the channel is about and a shorter easier to remember sentence; “We his Servants will start rebuilding.”

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