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Family Leadership

I’m really bad at prioritizing projects and getting them finished. I need to do a better job at this. I start every video by saying that we are giant hunters. That’s because we should be not only solving problems but proactively looking for problems that need to be solved.

And as a husband and father I’m supposed to be the leader and priest of our family. ( Technically I’m only a stepfather but I don’t care about that kind of stuff.) If I expect anybody else in the family to do anything, I need to be setting the example for them. With that being said I’m changing the way that I prioritize projects.

Nicole Sauce, the host of the living free intimacy podcast Has organized to do list and a system she calls “My Three Things.” Everyday i’m going to post one of her groups what my three things are. That way they’ll help hold me accountable for getting them done. Also I’m planning on asking people in my mutual assistance group to hold me accountable.

After I get to the point where I’m being consistent with getting things done on the list I’m going to start having Sarah and the kids work on it. We’re gonna start out with simple things that they’re already doing. Once we all get consistent with it we will start a family responsibility list that will show what every member of the family is expected to do.

We his people will start rebuilding.

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