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Now I Just Need The Birds

I have had quail 2 times in the past. I really didn’t like the tractor I made the first time. the second one was a lot better. Its biggest problem was me using chicken wire on the sides. A raccoon figured out it could reach through it and kill all the birds. This version fixes all the problems I have had in the past and makes it much bigger. I plan on upgrading it with bigger feeders and waterers. The biggest advantage to using a tractor is the ability to move it around the yard. That means less mess for me, and I can spread the fertility around the yard, especially around the garden. It is 2 feet wide, which is the width of the paths between the garden beds and half the width of the beds. We still need to put the garden in. but that is the next project. I was originally inspired to get quail by listening to the survival podcast. theare a great source for food I. both meat and eggs. and the eggs are pretty easy to sell at a profit. these are the episodes that inspired me. We his people will start rebuilding.

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