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Easy Compost (Modified Johnson-Su Bio Reactor)

The property that Sarah and I have has very poor soil. It’s very sandy. We need to fix that in order to do the type of gardening we want to do. In order to fix the soil we need to make a lot of compost but nether of us want to spend a lot of time flipping a bunch of compost piles. And we definitely want to avoid as many synthetic chemicals as possible.

One of the solutions we are using is a modified Johnson-su bio reactor. Once built it’s more or less set it and forget it.

It is slower than a compost pile that you would flip but like I said it’s far less work so that’s a win for us. Another thing we want to try is to wait until it is done and then plant potatoes in it.

Potatoes love to grow in fresh compost and we don’t have to worry about digging them up. It also has the added bonus of being able to store the potatoes until we are ready to use them.

I hope this helps you grow some of your own food in a more sustainable way all while improving your land and the environment.

We his people will start rebuilding.

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