Easy Compost (Modified Johnson-Su Bio Reactor)

The property that Sarah and I have has very poor soil. It’s very sandy. We need to fix that in order to do the type of gardening we want to do. In order to fix the soil we need to make a lot of compost but nether of us want to spend a lot of time flipping a bunch of compost piles. And we definitely want to avoid as many synthetic chemicals as possible.

One of the solutions we are using is a modified Johnson-su bio reactor. Once built it’s more or less set it and forget it.

It is slower than a compost pile that you would flip but like I said it’s far less work so that’s a win for us. Another thing we want to try is to wait until it is done and then plant potatoes in it.

Potatoes love to grow in fresh compost and we don’t have to worry about digging them up. It also has the added bonus of being able to store the potatoes until we are ready to use them.

I hope this helps you grow some of your own food in a more sustainable way all while improving your land and the environment.

We his people will start rebuilding.

Now I Just Need The Birds

I have had quail 2 times in the past. I really didn’t like the tractor I made the first time. the second one was a lot better. Its biggest problem was me using chicken wire on the sides. A raccoon figured out it could reach through it and kill all the birds. This version fixes all the problems I have had in the past and makes it much bigger. I plan on upgrading it with bigger feeders and waterers. The biggest advantage to using a tractor is the ability to move it around the yard. That means less mess for me, and I can spread the fertility around the yard, especially around the garden. It is 2 feet wide, which is the width of the paths between the garden beds and half the width of the beds. We still need to put the garden in. but that is the next project. I was originally inspired to get quail by listening to the survival podcast. theare a great source for food I. both meat and eggs. and the eggs are pretty easy to sell at a profit. these are the episodes that inspired me. https://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/getting-started-with-quail https://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/tsprw-49 https://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/quail-q-n-a We his people will start rebuilding.

Family Leadership

I’m really bad at prioritizing projects and getting them finished. I need to do a better job at this. I start every video by saying that we are giant hunters. That’s because we should be not only solving problems but proactively looking for problems that need to be solved.

And as a husband and father I’m supposed to be the leader and priest of our family. ( Technically I’m only a stepfather but I don’t care about that kind of stuff.) If I expect anybody else in the family to do anything, I need to be setting the example for them. With that being said I’m changing the way that I prioritize projects.

Nicole Sauce, the host of the living free intimacy podcast Has organized to do list and a system she calls “My Three Things.” Everyday i’m going to post one of her groups what my three things are. That way they’ll help hold me accountable for getting them done. Also I’m planning on asking people in my mutual assistance group to hold me accountable.

After I get to the point where I’m being consistent with getting things done on the list I’m going to start having Sarah and the kids work on it. We’re gonna start out with simple things that they’re already doing. Once we all get consistent with it we will start a family responsibility list that will show what every member of the family is expected to do.

We his people will start rebuilding.

Van Camping At The Self Reliance Festival

Sarah and I went to the awesome Self Reliance Festival. We camped in the van when we did it and had an awesome time. We learned a lot not only at the festival but also how to make van camping a little bit more comfortable.We are now planning on taking the kids on a few homeschooling field trips and camping out of the van when doing it.

This is a list of most of the stuff we packed:

Anker portal solar generator Solar panel

Air mattress ( need another one)


Bug out bags

Personal shower stuff

Shower shoes

Sarah and Jon’s clothes


EDC bags




Rain gear


Waterproof shoes/boots

Pillows and Blankets

Water bottles

Cooler and food


Sunscreen & bug spray

Foot locker

Camping stove and cooking stuff

First aid kits

YOU Can Make Your Life Better

We are getting used to our new schedule. Trying to figure out how to get things done and still spend time together as a famlily. We both had too much stuff and now that we live together we are over flowing. We are slowly making progress at fixing this by putting systems of organization into our life. Stuff like a cleaning schedule and my 3 things. We are also working on food storage systems. One of these is to buy a little extra food every week and to put it into buckets. We are also using a $5 a week food storage plan. But that is to help show people how cheap and easy it is to get started. https://www.classyclutter.net/build-your-food-storage-for-as-little-as-5-a-week-plus-a-free-printable-list/

It’s Not That Bad

I have a problem but I’m ok with it. I currently have 207 subscribers. I could have more if I start doing videos that are spreading fear or doing crazy Bible theories. But I won’t. I would rather do videos that help you and make your life better. And help you follow what God wants for you. I could do videos about “7 THINGS YOUR BOB NEEDS NOW!” or “DO THIS NOW OR YOU WILL DIE!” And if I did my channel would grow faster. But I would rather help you. If that makes my channel grow more slowly that’s fine. The Bible says that if you lead people astray there will be consequences. I could also do some of these weird Bible videos about some out there stuff or new age foolery. But it would be wrong to do that. My reward would be more success on YouTube but I would rather help people and receive my treasures in heaven. I make Bible study videos about what is important to me and what I have learned. And I do my best to try to help you with them.

Get Started Making Video Now

A lot of people think about making YouTube videos but they think it’s too hard and they have to buy a bunch of fancy camera equipment. Neither one of those things are true. In this video I show you everything that I use make YouTube videos. But the only thing you need is the phone in your pocket and a set of ear buds. Everything else makes quality better and streamlines the process. But when you 1st get started it doesn’t matter and not very many people are going to watch your videos. The most important thing is you start making them and get comfortable with doing it. Then you can start increasing your quality. The tripod I use https://amzn.to/3E7Qfd1 Wireless microphone https://amzn.to/40PQFi1 Shotgun microphone https://amzn.to/3XxcmAk

The Most Important Relationship

With valentines day coming up along with me planning out what I will talk about at church this Sunday, I was thinking about us (the church) being the bride of Christ and what that means. Having a good relationship with your spouse is more than knowing a bunch of facts about them. It’s about having a closeness and really knowing the other person. We need to do the same with God. We need to read what He has said to us along with praying to Him. And by praying I don’t mean asking God for stuff. He Is not a vending machine. I mean talking to Him. I’m not really good at that. So in this video I talk about a few things I’m doing to try to fix that.

I’m Experimenting On Myself

Recently I heard about two things I want to add to my life. The 1st of these is a thankfulness journal. The 2nd is a 90 day self review. If we’re going to make a thankfulness journal the 1st thing we need to do is identify who we’re thankful to. All good things ultimately come from God, so instead of calling it a thankfulness journal I’m going to call a blessings journal. The scientist that did the study that I heard concluded that if you write down what you’re blessed with for 40 days that you will be happier, less stressed, and more able to deal with adversity. But that study was not done over a very long period of time. I plan on doing this indefinitely. I encourage you to do the same. That way we can see together how well this works over the long term. The 2nd experiment I’m trying on myself I got from Bear Independent on YouTube. Every 90 days he does a self review. I’m going to start doing that as well based on what he did. Here is the link to that. I’ve changed the way he’s doing it in order to fit what I need. I encourage you to make whatever changes you need as well. I’ve written it down into a 6 step process.

Step 1: Write down everything that’s bothering me on one line.

Step 2: 3-5 lines about what I’m going to do to fix those problems.

Step 3: add skills, gifts and delights plus skills I will need for step 2

Step 4: Prioritize stuff from step 2

1: Things I can fix now

2: Things I need to plan for ( research and learn new skills)

3: Things I need help with

4: Things that can wait

5: Things that are no big deal ( Cross those out)

Step 5: list my skills, gifts and delights

Step 6: who do I want to be and who does God want me to be

We also need to start building a community that will help hold ourselves accountable. This will make use 76% more likely to meet our goals. And we can return the favor for them.

Threat Assessment: Zero to Prepared Series

In this part of the series I wanted to help you start making your plans to be more prepared. My life is different than yours is, so I can’t just give you a plan or tell you what to do. But I can help you make your own plan.

To do that we first need to figure out what emergencies are most likely to happen in your life. This video will help you do that. I’m not just talking about the big things that most prepper channels and websites talk about. I also want you to consider the more mundane things like a job loss or a flat tire.